The future of energy

INFINITY MOTIONS is the inventor of the very first KINETIC IMPULSE current generators, in partnership with the French Kinetic Impulse Association.

The Kinetic Impulse generator is not only a way to produce 100% green electricity, it's also a new way to power electric vehicles giving them an extended endurance without recharging.

We are building a new generation of power boats to reduce carbon footprint of human activities on the oceans. But we are also commited to helping industries design a new generation of aircrafts, ships, trains and cars to change the world with our breakthrough technology.

Our unique invention is not only a vision, it's a just cause!

We can now act all together to fight climate changes and save the planet by removing all the thermal engines on transportation vehicles.

We are building the future by helping to design a new generation of ZERO EMISSION electric vehicles.

Join us on our journey and together let's work to heal the planet.


Concept, design and invention registered from 2019

INPI - PARIS - FR2155940 / DSO2021006544

The kinetic impulse current generator is an invention which aims to bring about a revolution in the production of electric power in network as well as for the supply of all types of electric propulsion vehicles.

This major technological innovation, based on a Hamiltonian system defined in quantum mechanics, uses a directed and channeled high-speed flow to activate a permanent magnet electric generator. The use of a flow of air or water in motion, in an open hydraulic circuit, or in a closed circuit under high pressure, or around a moving vehicle, provides a 100% renewable energy source and in unlimited quantity.

This technology, patented by INFINITY MOTIONS & KINETIC IMPULSE ASSOCIATION, makes it now possible to bring a source of electrical power to any place, to allow the supply and purification of water in complete energy autonomy, and also to allow accelerated decarbonization of the transport industries.

This energy revolution, up to the challenges of the 21st century, opens up new industrial and environmental perspectives and will help contribute to human development all over the world while preserving the planet.

A technological evolution was necessary.

It is now accessible to everyone.

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